HDAC8 histone deacetylase 8

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External ID

HGNC: 13315
Entrez Gene: 55869
Ensembl: ENSG00000147099
UCSC: uc004eau.3
OMIM: 300269
UniProtKB: Q9BY41

Disease info

CHD Phenotype

  • Atrial septal defect
  • Ventricular septal defect

Extra Cardiac Phenotype

Facial dysmorphism, neurodevelopmental delay, microcephaly, Hearing loss, failure to thrive, Hirsutism, Truncal obesity, Gynaecomastia, Hypogonadism, digit deformities, GI anomalies

Incomplete penetrance


Variable expressivity


Animal model

Mouse study

MGI: No cardiovascular defect in knockout mice


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  2. Clinical significance for the variant was assessed to be Pathogenic or Likely Pathogenic
  3. ClinVar review status for the variant is criteria provided

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Selected References

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